Case Studies

The Hamiltons

When David and Claire Hamilton (not their real names) first came through our door, they were a married couple in the aftermath of a separation. Despite over four years of marriage, the couple felt that the breakdown in their relationship was irreparable and it was now time to bring things to an end. They had two major concerns. 1. What impact the separation would have on their two young children (aged 3 and 5) and 2. What would be the financial implications? Read More


When he was 27, Chris (not his real name) lost his job. After leaving school at 16 without sitting his exams, he had found work as an office assistant at a local engineering company, where he remained for 11 years. When the company went out of business not long ago, Chris found himself unemployed and, for the first time since he was 16, without a source of income. Read More

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